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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Bedroom Designs

Kids Bedroom

Kid's Furniture Closet loves to help you find children's furniture that works perfectly in your kids bedroom, in the kitchen, bathroom, playroom and all around the house. From personalized toy boxes and table and chair sets, step stools and boosters to kids bedding sets and nursery decor. Kid's Furniture Closet offers children's furniture in all varieties and styles along with coordinating kids bedroom decor. Our personalized chidlren's furniture options are particular favorites-kids just love having something with their name on it!

Kid's Furniture Closet carries a whole line of personalized children's furniture that features both the child's name and a design of your choice. From firetrucks to jungle animals, princess and ballet slippers to tools, trains and trucks, there is something for every kid's bedroom. These coordinating items can create a full bedroom decor theme, or purchase individual pieces. Each piece is handpainted and custom made after you order it with your child's name and design choice. Over 70 designs to choose from!

We offer toy boxes in many styles including open toy boxes, toy box benches and others. Available in various types and colors of wood as well. We also offer coordinating kids table and chairs sets in several styles. Fun for kids to use in their room for doing projects, reading or just sitting and talking.

Girls Bedroom

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Boys Bedroom

1. Furniture. As soon as is practical, buy well-made full-sized wood furniture for the room. The bed sizes can be changed to accommodate a growing child, but the other furniture can be easily made to reflect the tastes of of both young and older children and need not be downsized.

2. Paint. Paint your child’s room instead of using expensive wallpaper. The room will be easier to change (no scraping!) and more durable. Create fun shapes such as stripes or geometric shapes with your inkjet print and window decal paper available at your local office supply. This is allow you to quickly update the windows or walls and give the room a bright, cheerful feel.

3. Floors Choose quality floor coverings which will prove durable under the natural wear it will undoubted receive in a child’s room. Choose neutral colors and avoid patterned coverings that can become quickly dated. Add an area rug in a fun pattern that can be changed in a couple of years.

4. Themes. Create themed roman shades easily with sheets. Or use roller shades and decorate with fabric or cut-out shapes that can be attached with fusible interfacing available at any craft or sewing store. All you have to do is iron it on.

5. Go wild. Go wild with the rest! You easily and inexpensively change the accessories in the room to reflect your child’s current interests. Among the items you can change:

  • Window treatments, tiebacks and rods
  • Drawer knobs and pulls
  • Wall color
  • Wall accessories (posters, clocks, art, shelving, etc.)
  • Lamps
  • Bedding and linens
  • Storage bins and baskets
  • Throw pillows